0 800 211 200

0 800 211 200

Marelli production operator in Czech Republic (Jihlava)


37,500 - 49,800 UAH net

Job description

Marelli Automotive Lighting is a part of the Marelli company. It is engaged in the design and production of outdoor lighting systems for world car manufacturers Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Skoda, and VW.


● Complete set of headlights and LED modules;● Control and operation of the production line;● Packaging of finished products;● Quality control.

Working conditions:

• The work schedule is variable;
• The duration of the shift is 8 hours;
• Minimum salary for 160 working hours is 900€ net, for 200 working hours 1200€ net;
• The cost of accommodation is €78 - €99, the rest (€300) is compensated by the employer;
• The salary is credited to the bank card by the 25th day of the following month;
• Travel from residence to work from €25 per month;
• The employee pays 1-1.5€ for food at the workplace;
• Working clothes;
• Free travel from Ukraine to the Czech Republic (when working for less than 3 months, the employee pays €100 for travel);
• Support by Ukrainian coordinators at places of work and residence.