0 800 211 200

0 800 211 200

MTA production operator in Slovakia (Banovce nad Bebravou)


39,900 UAH net

Job description

Italian production MTA is engaged in the assembly of fuses, power distribution units, connectors, battery terminals, and electronic parts for cars.


● Assembly of connectors, fuses, and electronic parts for cars;● Maintenance of automatic equipment;● Sorting of finished products, stacking, and packing.

Working conditions:

● The work schedule is variable (morning, day, and night shifts);● Shift duration – 8 hours;● Minimum salary for 160 working hours is 850€ net, for 180 working hours 1050€ net;● The employer charges 3.65€/day for meals at work (approximately 80€/month);● Salary is credited to the bank card by the 20th day of the following month;● Accommodation is free;● Travel from the place of residence to work is paid by the employer;● Working clothes;● Free travel from Ukraine to Slovakia (when working for less than 6 months, the employee pays €80 for travel);● Support by Ukrainian coordinators at places of work and residence.